January and February were the months where by tradition a large part of our Mountain was permanently covered by snow white. Nowadays, due to climate change, snowfall is more variable and one or two more intense winters are followed by several with milder weather.

However, snow has long ceased to be the exclusive attraction for visitors to our Serra. Today, many people visit Estrela not only to see and play in the snow, but also to explore its territory and discover its landscapes, which are always impressive throughout the year.

For these winter months, we have chosen to suggest to everyone who visits the Serra, and more specifically the Manteigas area, two routes with a medium low level of difficulty, the small route of Penhas Douradas and the route Serra de Baixo-Poço do Inferno.

The small route of Penhas Douradas allows you to cross majestic forests composed mainly of evergreen trees that maintain all their beauty in winter, as well as discover the mountain village of Penhas Douradas and the beautiful surrounding area.

The Serra de Baixo-Poço do Inferno route has as its strengths the impressive views of the Zêzere Glacier Valley and the Serra da Estrela Central massif. Also opportunity to discover and interpret places of high geological value such as Lagoa Seca and visit the famous waterfall of Poço do Inferno.

In winter we may be lucky enough to have snow on these two tours, but as mentioned above, our mountain is always worth a visit with or without snow and these two routes are no exception.

Here are two good programs for this beginning of the year.

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